Making sustainable homes achievable for all

We're on a mission

Homeowners want to reduce energy consumption, save money, and cut CO2 emissions. SuSy’s a free-to-use resource that helps you identify the smartest green upgrades, connect with local installers, and find opportunities for supplements, grants and funding. We believe that taking responsibility for your own home is the best way to change the world… and the good news is that you’ll be saving money and increasing the value of your property at the same time!

Homeowners, we see you!

SuSy’s clever algorithms pull details about your house out of local and national databases, enabling you to price up green upgrades, learn about financing and grants, and connect with local installers in just a few clicks. Stay with us long-term, and our free-to-use app will hook up to your smart meter so you can track your energy savings and contact the broader SuSy community.

Boosting the green upgrade sector

SuSy wants to help green upgrade/retrofit businesses grow big and strong. While our smart app is telling householders which upgrades will work best for them, it’s also learning about what they want. If you’re a contractor, you can use that vital info to pre-qualify leads, simplify your sales process, and get straight into installing.

Our partners

Department for Energy Security and Net Zero
Innovate UK
Ordnance Survey
Bristol City Leap
Scroll Finance
Phoenix Sustainable Investments