The testing setup, with David Arscott of PyTerra
The testing setup, with David Arscott of PyTerra

Behind the scenes: usability testing is underway

The stage when it all falls apart: real users. We’ve been busy testing our apps with homeowners and businesses, a crucial part of user-centric design.

This week we’ve been inviting people to our Bristol office to test out our apps. It’s a basic set-up: participants load test versions of our app onto their phones and we observe them attempting different tasks, all recorded by one of our phones on a mount.

The first tests are technical difficulties galore: a problem in the backend means our users can’t create an account! After a quick call to the development team, teething issues are resolved and we can get into the nitty gritty of the app usability. Our key insights? Improving the onboarding experience – we’re working on a big update to guide new users through the app and help explain all the amazing features.

A user researcher’s work is never done. SuSy is a user experience driven company and we’ll be conducting many, many more rounds of research and testing. If you’d like to be involved and try out our new apps, get in touch.