Relax, we make it easy to save money and CO₂

Instant analysis of the options for your home.

Let SuSy do the hard work

We all want to save money on our energy bills. And we know we should be reducing our emissions. The problem is where to begin. It’s a minefield: trying to keep up with the latest available technologies, working out what’s going to offer best value for money, and finding tradespeople who will do a good job. That’s where SuSy steps in.

Screenshot of the SuSy House app showing graphs of electricity use

Keep on top of your bills

See exactly how much gas and electric you’re using, and how much you could be saving, with our energy monitoring features. And if you have a smart meter it couldn’t be easier: we connect directly to the same data your energy supplier uses, so you can be sure it’s accurate.

A green consultant in your pocket

The SuSy engine conducts a bespoke analysis of your home to recommend suitable improvements. Each project comes with a cost/benefit breakdown as well as information about available grants, so you can find the right project to fit your goals and budget.

A workman smiles with his tools

Trusted, local installers at the touch of a button

Our estimates feature lets you gather rough prices from local installers, with your contact details protected, so there’s no obligation and no spam. See an estimate you like? You can connect to the installer directly through the app.

Download the SuSy House app for free

The SuSy House app is free, so there’s nothing to stop you: start saving money today!


When you set up your account we ask for some basic information about your home. We combine this with information from public data sources to calculate the impact of different options for your home.

If you have a smart meter, your meter sends your readings to the national smart meter data network. Your energy provider downloads your data from that network. With your consent, we are able to access the very same network.

Smart meters are great for keeping an eye on your energy use so, if you don’t have one, we recommend you request one here. If your home isn’t suitable, you simply need to add your readings to the SuSy app. You don’t even have to use the energy monitoring in SuSy; you can still benefit from the projects on the app.

Every installer that signs up to our service undergoes a vetting procedure on joining. We continue to check in with our installers to ensure they’re providing the level of service we expect. Soon we’ll be adding rating and review features to the app, to help support this process.

The app is available to download on the App Store and Google Play. You can find download links here.