SuSy Insights

Powerful property data in a simple interface.

Open the door to UK homes

Our Insights platform is the easy way to analyse property and household data across large property portfolios. We draw on numerous data sources and combine them with our own modelling to show you through the keyhole of the 27 million homes in the UK.

Built to support retrofit schemes

SuSy Insights started as a way to support local authorities and housing associations delivering the Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) and Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF). They told us that finding the right properties is like gold dust, so we set about making it child’s play.

The EPC scale from A to G

More than EPC

Some platforms simply surface EPC data. While we consider it a valuable source to feed our engine, we recognise the limitations of the data set and have developed our detail and accuracy far beyond what the EPC data set can provide.

Fully configurable

Whatever your unique goals or project criteria, our technical team can set up your account to match your needs.

Our data partners

Combine with the resident portal for an end-to-end solution

Engage with the householders on your retrofit scheme with our resident portal.

An online dashboard showing the progress of the user through a retrofit programme

Bespoke data analysis

Do you have a one-off project and need some insights without the full platform? Get in touch to discuss our consultancy services.

Let's show you what we can do

To arrange a demo of SuSy Insights, send us an email at


The cost depends on the type of organisation, how many properties you will need data for and any bespoke setup requirements. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

Many schemes have EPC criteria, so we do include EPC data in our platform but we have a huge range of variables beyond those available in EPC and we use our own algorithms to improve on the accuracy of EPC.

We can provide insights on all 27 million residential properties in the UK.