Turn your home into your dream destination

There’s no need to shiver through winter and sweat through summer in your home. With a few home improvements, you could say goodbye to draughts and hello to cheaper energy bills. The SuSy House app can show you how.

Can you put a price on comfort? We can.

We all want a cosier, greener home but we know at the end of the day it comes down to those all important numbers. For each home improvement in the app, we run a financial analysis, so you can see how much it’s likely to cost you vs. how much it could save you on energy bills.

And if you don’t trust our calculations, we’ve got local installers on hand to give you a real quote for the job.

Find ways to fund your upgrades

If there’s a grant available, the SuSy House app will direct you to it. For any remaining costs, we’re introducing a financing feature soon – sign up now to be first to hear when it launches!

Bespoke to your home

When it comes to home improvements, one size doesn’t fit all. Solar panels could work better for you than for your uncle in Glasgow, but he might save more money with better insulation.

We use information about your home to analyse which improvements are best for you.

A man and a little girl painting a cardboard playhouse
Screenshot of the SuSy House app showing graphs of electricity use

Keep on top of your bills

See exactly how much gas and electric you’re using, and how much you could be saving, with our energy monitoring features. And if you have a smart meter it couldn’t be easier: we connect directly to the same data your energy supplier uses, so you can be sure it’s accurate.

Trusted, local installers at the touch of a button

Our estimates feature lets you gather rough prices from local installers, with your contact details protected, so there’s no obligation and no spam. See an estimate you like? You can connect to the installer directly through the app.

A workman smiles with his tools

Download the SuSy House app for free

The SuSy House app is free, so there’s nothing to stop you: start saving money today!